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Just like any other gaming endeavors, it is important to always bear in mind that the place where you?ll play will have a huge role on your overall experience. This is exactly the case as well when it comes to Poker and when talking about where to play, it is only wise to go to a web-based waging establishment that has already earned great reputation and raves from the players and wagers themselves. Pokerstars, being one of the biggest poker room in the internet today, is unquestionably the place that will fit right into the aforementioned description. It excels in so many different ways, however, it has also garnered attention with news lurking around the Poker Stars Rake. If you?re not updated as to what happened, Pokerake is here to give you a heads-up of what?s in store for you once you pick Poker Stars as you?re site.

As well all know, rake is the term used by the company for the profit they gain through the pot of a poker table. This means that even before cards are dealt and regardless of who wins, the pot has already been deducted with the profit of the company which means that no matter what happens, the house still wins in a certain way. Recently, more accurately on 2014, the management of Poker stars have changed resulting to different changes along with the new Poker Stars Rake.

In the early months of 2016, a price hike was already executed for the Poker Stars Rake and though it may have been advertised by the management as simply being a revision of price, it is evident that the percentages of increase will spell a lot of changes for the players as well. No matter if the site?s reason lies on reducing house edge or boldly stating they want to make more profit ? either way, it is still a great disadvantage for players. However, according to the management of the site, the new Poker Stars rake isn?t something to be fazed about because it is something that they only based on what price is imminently used by other renowned and big sites like the site.

For avid gamers or followers of the game, there?s no doubt that you would have also heard already of the 2014 management change to Amaya. If you had heard of it, then you would surely realize that the price hike experienced today is like a second attempt to a failed first attempt which they reversed back to normal. Still, disadvantageous as it may be, we could only hope to go forward or wait if the site will once again aim to reverse the hike for the betterment of the players.

Fortunately, the site still has a rake back progressive feature which is essentially based and categorized depending on your VIP level. The higher you go up the ladder of their VIP hierarchy, the higher equivalent of rakeback you can receive, making it completely irresistible to players who wants to make the most out of their money. The news about the Poker Stars Rake may be too dismaying for some, but with the right commitment and passion for the game, this will surely not hinder you from playing it.